Kaarik - pick, pay & cycle away!

Our surveys and tests have shown that in the process of giving up the car, shopping proves to be the biggest obstacle for cyclists.

Kaarik shopping process.

With Kaarik, every bicycle is a cargo bike!

Bicycle trailer has an excellent capacity / price ratio & parking flexibility compared to the cargo bike. Kaarik will be a universal bicycle trailer platform adaptable for different use cases thanks to its unique drawbar design.


The 2 in 1 bicycle trailer and shopping cart holds your weekly groceries and allows to deliver them home smoothly without using a car.


The trailer relieves the courier from the heavy backpack and at the same time allows to fill more orders.


The trailer carries your children's heavy school bag and hobby supplies and gives them freedom to do their own things independently.

Your imagination

Only the sky and your imagination are the limit of the different uses of Kaarik bicycle trailer platform.
Kaarik design process.

Our Story & Team

Kaarik Trailers OÜ was founded by Tormi & Veiko in November 2021. The mission of our team is to offer a real alternative to the car. We are currently working on Kaarik’s prototype and testing use cases with our end users. We are located in Laagri, Estonia.

Tormi Tabor, CEO
TalTech, Public Administration. 20 years of experience in IT. Member of a local government council. Local cycling promoter. Kaarik ideator & co-founder.
Veiko Liis, Design
Estonian Academy of Arts, Product Design. 20 years of experience in product design. Received a 2019 Special Mention Award by the German Design Award. Lived in Berlin, Amsterdam and Bologna. Rides a bicycle everywhere he goes, owns 8 bikes all over Europe. Kaarik co-founder.
Piret Tabor, Operations
TalTech, Business Administration. Tartu University, Service Design and Management. 20 years of experience in customer service, consulting and sales. Lived in Stockholm. Loves hiking & biking. Starting from May 2021 has done all her grocery shoppings with Kaarik.

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There would be no Kaarik without our great partners.

Pärnumaa Ettevõtlusinkubaator is our Business Incubator and our first business partner. Our key menthor there is Martin Goroško, Business Service Manager at Tehnopol.
In December 2021, Kaarik reached the TOP50 of Prototron out of 350+ applicants. Prototron is a fund created in 2012, which aims to contribute to the birth of new start-ups and world-changing technologies through prototype financing.
TTK University of Applied Sciences is our technology partner via preliminary agreement with Tavo Kangru, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.
Rimi Eesti Food is our testing partner for shopping use case. Our contact person is Meelis Migur, Operations Director of Hypermarkets & Supermarkets.